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Chakra Activation Private Consultations 

Chakra Healing is acknowledging and identifying unwanted feelings within the body, focusing on the relevant Chakras, transforming negative energies into positive energy; allowing forward movement, with ease, joy, and flow.

I guess it is fair enough to say that at some time most of us have heard of Chakras, but do you know how to unblock them, how to cleanse the Chakras, and activate the Chakras to their full potential?

Chakra Activation Method – Known as Chakra Transformation.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel, or turning and refers to your energy centers, which serve as gateways to systemize and regulate the flow of energy to and from the various levels and aspects of your being.

This energy is sometimes referred to as life force, chi, ki, Rana, light, or universal energy.

Your chakras are energy portals; filters through which you create your reality.

They are the vehicles through which your consciousness is down-stepped from higher realms into third-dimensional reality and streamed to become manifestations in your world.

The chakra system is like a ladder to and from the highest spiritual levels of your eternal self and Source. It enables the anchoring and integration of your multi-selves through spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical realms.

When clear, balanced, and optimally functioning, you experience health, harmony, and well-being in both your inner and outer worlds, and you can manifest and attract your dreams and desires at a whole other level.

When your chakras are clear, aligned, and optimally functioning you can receive, integrate, experience, and express the beautiful rays of your consciousness, the love and light of your Higher Self, and the brightest capacities of your human potential.

You experience health, harmony, and well-being in both your inner and outer worlds, as these are inextricably linked. You are also able to intentionally manifest your desires with greater ease, power, and elegance, crafting your world consciously with your heart and mind, and co-creatively receiving the grace of serendipities and synchronicities.

Your chakras are the manifesting funnel through which thoughts become things. The clearer and more balanced they are, the less obstruction there will be in your energy being positively projected and materializing as desired.

Your chakras are not just intellectual concepts; they are real, vibrating conduits vital for existence, and are tangibly impacting your everyday life. These etheric vortexes are more real than the physical illusion they give birth to, i.e. your body and the third-dimensional world. They are the gateways through which energy passes and translates into the holographic illusion you perceive out there.

Activate the Higher and Lower Chakras.

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